Los Nopales


Encounter with Nature

La Rural House "Cortijo los Nopales" is located in a place of great environmental importance, as it is the Natural Park "Cabezo de la Jara", located between the municipalities of Velez Rubio, Huércal Overa, Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras.


El Cortijo is a completely restored farmhouse, with materials of the area, characterized such tourist infrastructure to contribute to the conservation of the landscape and the improvement of Mediterranean fauna and flora.

The eco-management is accomplished through the use of technology and craft procedures applied in the rural environment with very low costs and high environmental profitability.

This rural exploitation is configured as a model of sustainable development in a natural area of great ecological wealth, close to the site of community interest (SIC) of el Cabezo de la Jara. All created tourism infrastructure has been made using existing local materials, the supply of water (from a well) and thermal-eolian solar energy is completely renewable. All this, in order to minimize the ecological footprint. In other words, it is a self-sufficient energy tourist infrastructure and that does not deplete natural resources. 

Los arados del Viento.

The wind plows.

On the occasion of the convocation of the sixth edition of the awards to sustainable development; the Ministry of the Presidency awards the prize to environmental education to the Eco-friendly Rural Accommodation Cortijo "Los Nopales" to contribute to the development of an exemplary model of tourist exploitation, based on the diffusion of the natural values in the environment of the Cabezo de la Jara (Puerto Lumbreras).

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