Environment & Nature



El Cortijo Los Nopales, is located in the municipality of Puerto Lumbreras, on the provincial Council of Cabezo de la Jara and inside the Natural Park of the same name.

Comment that such rural house, is located at a mid-altitude, above level sea, of about a thousand metres; These represents and the proximity to the Mediterranean give rise strongly to a characteristic flora and fauna, as so evidenced the presence of la Spur-Tighed Tortoise (unique habitat in Europe), the eagle owl, Short-toed eagle and, in relation to the flora, another small sample we have in the tamarix, ephedra, the henbane, the rockrose and kermes oak.  

Talking the other afternoon, with the famed painter R. S. Socram, and while Sun hesitate to set by the Sierra de Maria, tells me:

"Being in nature calms my mind, and from that calm, from its depth, is where my real art is born.

Whenever possible I work outdoors, I find it especially important to catch the thoughts in its first stage.

If ever I ran out of ideas - frequent thing-, I just have to go outdoors and fill my lungs."

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