Hiking trails.

Looking at the first light of morning, Dr. Leonor de Moncada, that at that time was visiting Los Nopales, interested in the reintroduction of the Raven (Corvus corax); It breaks the silence:

            -I'm especially willing to enjoy a good walk.

I nod my head:

- As we are within the Natural Park "Cabezo de la Jara", it could be practiced, small and long course trekking; physical conditions to do so are minimal, it's about walking the time and at the pace that one can and fancy.

-It would be interesting to point out - add the Dr.-that this exercise in the middle of nature provides a good muscle tone, helps prevent coronary, and of course, psychological diseases: "contemplation of the landscape and relaxed gait, help to eliminate the daily stress that dwellers so frequently suffer from ".

Star Observatory.

The Ecological Rural Accommodation Cortijo "Los Nopales", which offers during the summer-autumn season, without changing the price of the accommodation the following cultural activities:


Due to the absence of light pollution, the sky is spectacular for its contemplation, being highly recommended all the activities that develops our Municipal Astronomical Observatory located at short distance from the Cortijo.             

"Meet the stars" program includes guided tours all Wednesdays and Saturdays of the months of July and August from 22.00 hours. The activity has a chat in the open air in explaining the basics of astronomy and narrates legends and stories about the constellations. In addition, the visit allows the observation of the Moon and the different stars through the telescope of the Municipal Observatory.

On the other hand, the program includes a special day on 10 August with "Star rain". To this day, it has been organized an activity in which the spectacular fall of "Perseids", popularly known as "meteor shower" or "tears of Saint Lawrence" will be observed. The day will feature a dinner of coexistence, an outdoors seminar where it will be explained the constellations and numerous leisure activities such as legends or stories about the constellations.  

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